Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The G.O.A.T Podcast - Episode 33

The G.O.A.T Podcast - Episode 33; In this episode: Kevin Love injury, Lebron and the Cavs, UFC and Bellator events Who is the G.O.A.T, WWE, and WWE Wrestlemania


  1. Dude, they literally gave up nothing for Ibaka. He's 27 and will probably sign with the Raps (he loves ujiri). The raps had their pick and Clippers pick, and traded which ever one ends up being lower on the board. Ross hadn't panned out in Toronto and wasn't going to.

    1. I know, I said it was pretty even if you don't count what the magic first had to give up for ibaka to the thunder. The trade was even in my opinion. If you base it on how ibaka has regressed of the years. It is a good fit for the raptors to go a long with the other stars. I said pretty much that during podcast, I just think ibaka even at 27 has been on the decline last couple years. so we have similar opinions from what it sounds like other then I do think ibaka is a good 3rd or 4th piece to a team and not a 1 or 2.