Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Who is the G.O.A.T - NBA Edition Part 4

Magic Johnson

Next up in the series is Magic Johnson. The man who redefined the point guard position.

Current Ranks

Regular Season 

Games Played - 214th with 906
Minutes Played - 93rd with 33245
Field Goals - 98th with 6211
Total Rebounds - 130th with 6559
Steals - 21st with 1724
Assists - 5th with 10141
Points - 75th with 17707


Games Played - 13th with 190
Minutes Played - 9th with 7538
Field Goals - 17th with 2552
Total Rebounds - 18th with 1465
Steal - 3rd with 358
Assists - 1st with 2346
Points - 14th with 3701


9x NBA Final Appearances
5x NBA Champion
3x NBA Finals MVP
12x NBA All-Star
2x NBA All-Star Game MVP
9x All-NBA First Team
1x All-NBA Second Team
4x NBA assists leader
2x NBA steals leader
1x Olympic Medalist

In only 13 seasons of work Magic Johnson became one of the greatest to ever do it. Magic wasn't the  highest scoring player but made up for that with steals and assists. Magic made the finals in 9 of his 13 seasons with 5 NBA Championships. Johnson born in Lansing, Michigan stayed near home and went to Michigan State for his college career. While in college he won the National Championship, in that game he faced is rival Larry Bird of Indiana State. Magic was drafted first overall by the Lakers in 1979. He joined forces with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and won the NBA title and NBA finals MVP in his rookie year. Magic won all of his championships with Kareem playing along side of him. The major case against him is that he had another top 10 guy playing along side of him. Kareem makes a strong case for the greatest of all time and both are possibly top 5 of all time. The stats don't add up to some of the other superstars because of the early retirement due to HIV, but the numbers over a 13 year stretch and the NBA titles are worthy of his inclusion in the greatest of all time conversation. 

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