Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Social Media

The fantasy world of social media has become an interesting place to venture into. What seems to start out as a way to keep up with people you know has actually evolved into much more than that. It is almost a fantasy world in the sense that we sometimes evolve into a different personality through the internet. Social media has its benefits which for me include keeping up with the sports world, keeping up with people I know, selling things, seeing cool interesting images of the world, and learning about and enjoying the differences in all people. The downside is that we are unfiltered about what we say and who we say it about. The reality is we can take on any personality because we don't have to be that person in real life and we have screens to hide behind. We can be critical and negative of whoever and whenever we want to which doesn't happen on a daily basis for most people when not behind a screen to protect themselves.  Sometimes it is interesting to see a person on social media and how they act and what they do and then see them interact face to face in public. Sometimes the differences are astronomical and I find myself wondering what causes the difference. Is there an evil inside that we need to feed to balance out who are on a normal basis? or Are some of us just evil at heart and can't live that life because of the consequences it would present? Anybody that is well known or in the spotlight for example athletes, entertainers, politicians, and more have it rough. Obviously, they make millions and have power and authority but they are greatly scrutinized to the point where it could mentally break people. The interesting thing is that they get scrutinized on false premises which originated from the same world they are getting scrutinized. It's not just public personalities but anybody who says the wrong things. We tend to overlook factual evidence when we give our opinions which downgrade and put people down. In reality, opinions are good but a lot of times they can be proven incorrect based on facts or evidence which makes this fantasy world of social media sometimes hard to deal with. Because seeing people thrown under the bus and unjustly put down is wrong no matter if it is human interaction or a keyboard thug. The moral of this article for me is that no matter public personalities or common people we all can get mentally scarred from false narratives and untrue opinions which is bad in public but worse when able to hide behind the screen because we gain more confidence. Be good, do good, be nice, and encourage the best in the world and don't bring out the worst in the world.

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