Friday, October 6, 2017

We the People of the United States

The reality is that the United States of America will never be "united". The sad truth is that we have so much division within our nation that our president along with ourselves would rather create it then solve it. Have we not noticed this is slightly proving why people started taking the knee in the first place on a small scale and only a little bit of it. The point is we are divided if it is not between races it is something like the standing of the flag. I have never thought twice about it and have always stood, but in reality, I have never been strong enough to protest an injustice. The flag represents many things to many different people, but by saying we disrespect the country and flag because we decide to kneel is asinine. In everyday life, the flag is disrespected more than it is by taking a knee. The reality is they are still out there and they still see the flag and hear the National Anthem playing. We silently protest without rioting and without causing any issues. The flag is disrespected daily by wearing it to putting it on items we throw in the trash to have used it in different ways that the flag wasn't meant to be used. I see many posts on social media that discuss standing or not standing for the flag, but do you care why they felt the need to protest? I can't explain what it is like to feel like and be a minority or be a different race in America because I was born white. The thing is I have seen racism and we see it all the time. Doesn't matter your color, racism exists between every color but when white people of authority use improper violence against unarmed black men it becomes a problem. The fight against racism is a never-ending battle. The fact is I will battle against it because I will never understand judging anyone based color. I can't personally assume who you are just by what skin color you are. For this reason is why I was never a supporter of Trump because I can't stand by a racist and sexist. What President disrespects a group of men taking a knee for a purpose by calling them a "son of a bitch." We are all equal until the point we make ourselves unequal by committing crimes or doing wrong but that isn't a race issue that is a moral issue. Life is short and the world is crazy, but just like everyone America has flaws but this is the country we live in and this is the best country in the world. We as Americans just need more love in our hearts to realize our full potential as a nation.

This is the final part which came about because of the recent Las Vegas shooting which is still getting a total death and injured count at the time of this writing. My heart absolutely breaks with so much violence in the world. Life is such a precious thing, we don't know when we might run out of time and I'm trying to take every moment I can to live my life to the fullest. I have never had that much hate toward a person or group that killing was the answer. I have been angry enough to fight someone a few times but that is the extent of how far I would take it. The thought of ever killing anybody other than in self-defense or war is something I will never understand.  As I grow older America as great as it seems to have gotten thin-skinned, more violent and crazier. People aren't meant to all get along that's why we have personalities and individual traits that make us who we are, but with that said killing isn't the way to show dislike. The world is a scarier place right now then I have ever seen it. I suggest to everyone to make the most of the opportunity that you have to live in America and to be alive at all. We need to fight for change to protect the lives of any individual in this country no matter what color, religion or any thing else. It's time to become one as a nation in order to help stop nonsense like the events in Las Vegas. My prayers to the families affected and to the individuals who witnessed the brutality of the event. 

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