Thursday, April 13, 2017

NBA Playoffs 2017

The NBA has finally made it to the playoffs with some ups and downs in the regular season and spectacular individual performances. So many individual firsts happened this year with the most prominent being Russell Westbrook getting the most triple-doubles in a season. Also, 2016-2017 are the most triple-doubles in league history. The Cavaliers not finishing as a top seed which the Celtics accomplished in the last game of the season. The Golden State Warriors have an up and down season with a Kevin Durant injury. The race for the last few spots in the Eastern Conference came down to the wire. LeBron James at 32 years old and in his 14th NBA season put up his second best season of all-time with it being possibly his best season. LeBron averaged career highs in assists and rebounds while shooting 55 percent and averaging 26 points a game. The Cleveland Cavaliers defensively were atrocious the second half of the season. San Antonio keeps consistent and keep on winning being the 2 seed out West. Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder were the shock of the league and finished 3rd and 6th seed and meet in a first round match-up. The Utah Jazz are a balanced team that could cause some trouble for any team out West with the first matchup with the Los Angeles Clippers. The Bucks have the most versatile player and put it all together at the end of the year. The Miami Heat who go left out of the playoffs started the season off horribly but played some great basketball during the middle of the season and the Celtics caught a break facing the Bulls instead of the Heat. Devin Booker scored 70 points, the last person to do that Kobe Bryant. The regular season at times was a drag but had some historic moments. The NBA playoffs are where great players turned to legends, the intensity turns up full throttle, the superstars come to shine, choke artists appear, surprise teams win some big games, and what they all play for the NBA Championship.

First Round

Cleveland Cavaliers Vs. Indiana Pacers - Cavaliers
Toronto Raptors Vs. Milwaukee Bucks - Bucks
Boston Celtics Vs. Chicago Bulls - Celtics
Atlanta Hawks Vs. Washington Wizards - Wizards
San Antonio Spurs Vs. Memphis Grizzles - Spurs
Los Angeles Clippers Vs. Utah Jazz - Jazz
Golden State Warriors Vs. Portland Trailblazers - Warriors
Houston Rockets Vs. Oklahoma City Thunder -  Rockets


Cavaliers Vs. Bucks - Cavaliers
Celtics Vs. Wizards - Wizards
Warriors Vs. Jazz - Warriors
Spurs Vs. Rockets - Spurs

Conference Finals

Cavaliers Vs. Wizards - Cavaliers
Warriors Vs. Spurs - Spurs


Cavaliers Vs. Spurs - Cavaliers

NBA Champions - Cleveland Cavaliers

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