Friday, February 10, 2017

Who is the G.O.A.T - NBA Edition Part 3

Bill Russell

Next up in the series is Bill Russell. The man with all the championship rings.

Current Ranks

Regular Season 

Games Played - 157th with 963 games
Minutes Played - 27th with 40726 minutes
Blocks - not a stat during playing days but was dominate at it
Field Goals - 146th with 5687 field goals
Total Rebounds - 2nd with 21620 rebounds
Assists - 104th with 4100 assists
Points - 147th with 14522 points


Games Played - 29th with 165 games
Minutes Played - 10th with 7497 minutes
Blocks - not a stat during playing days but was dominate at it
Field Goals - 30th with 1003 field goals
Total Rebounds - 1st with 4104 rebounds
Assists - 25th with 770 assists
Points - 32nd with 2673 points


11x NBA Champion
12x NBA All-Star
1x NBA All-Star Game MVP
3x All-NBA First Team
8x All-NBA Second Team
1x All-Defensive First Team
1x Olympic Medalist

Bill Russell is one of the greatest ambassadors of the game of basketball. One of the best if not the best Centers to play the game. The era of basketball during his years was a totally different game. At a time, when blocks were not a stat, Russell was a transcendent defender of his time. At the University of San Francisco, he was a 2 time All-American, 2 time Helms Player of the Year, and 2-time First-Team All-American. Bill Russell and Red Auerbach would go on to be the best coach and player duo to ever play the game. During that time, he went up against the greatest scorer of that era in Wilt Chamberlain. Bill played the best he could and succeeded many times against the 100 point man. The stupendous record for him was being an 11 time NBA Champion which no other player in NBA history has accomplished. The statistics may not be as high as other players but he has almost twice as many championships as the next person in the top 10 of the greatest NBA players. Mr. Russell will forever be a legend because it's one record that may never be touched.

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