Friday, March 24, 2017

NBA Power Rankings - March 24, 2017

The NBA regular season is coming to a close and still some tight races for the playoffs and the 8th spot. With roughly 11 or 12 games to go for most teams, it could get interesting down the stretch for the teams fighting to get into the playoffs. The top teams are still the same group but coming down the stretch Cavaliers and Warriors are struggling. The Cavaliers defense is atrocious and ranking in in the 20 to 25 range in defense. Warriors struggled initially without Durant but the hardest part now that they played without him will be to incorporate him back into the lineup. In the East, the top 4 seeds are going be in the playoffs and all the way to the 11th ranked team has a chance to make the playoffs coming down the stretch. Out of that group, the Bucks and Heat are playing some the best basketball in the NBA over the last 10 games. In the West, the 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th seed all have a chance at the 8th seed with Trail Blazers and Nuggets the most likely to get the final spot. The worst record chase is between the Nets and the Lakers with the Nets having the worst record in the league and the Celtics are in good position to get a number 1 pick to go with a top 3 team in the East already. With the Cavaliers struggling down the stretch, the MVP race is a two-man race between James Harden and Russell Westbrook. Westbrook has put some impressive and historic numbers, but James Harden isn't far behind and his team has won more games. LeBron James would be a close first if it wasn't for the team struggles. LeBron is having one of the best seasons of his career if not the best season.

Power Rankings

  1.  Golden State Warriors 
  2. San Antonio Spurs
  3. Cleveland Cavaliers
  4. Houston Rockets
  5. Boston Celtics 
  6. Utah Jazz
  7. Washington Wizards
  8. Memphis Grizzles
  9. Toronto Raptors
  10. Milwaukee Bucks
  11. Los Angeles Clippers
  12. Oklahoma City Thunder
  13. Miami Heat
  14. Detroit Pistons
  15. Denver Nuggets
  16. Portland Trail Blazers
  17. Atlanta Hawks
  18. Indiana Pacers
  19. Chicago Bulls
  20. Dallas Mavericks
  21. Minnesota Timberwolves
  22. Charlotte Hornets
  23. New Orleans Pelicans
  24. New York Knicks
  25. Sacramento Kings
  26. Orlando Magic
  27. Pheonix Suns
  28. Philadelphia 76ers
  29. Los Angeles Lakers
  30. Brooklyn Nets


  1. James Harden
  2. Russell Westbrook
  3. LeBron James
  4. Kawhi Leonard
  5. Isaiah Thomas
Rest of the field: Durant, Curry, Wall, Antetokounmpo

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  1. Can you please continue the who is the goat NBA edition, you can use players such as Kobe or jerry west