Friday, March 17, 2017

2017 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament - Updated

Quick Takes

  • Two upsets out of 16 games (11 Xavier, 12 Middle Tennesse)
  • Villanova down most of the 1st half only went into halftime with 1 point lead over Mount Saint Mary's
  • Mount Saint Mary's played like the 1 seed to start game but played like the 16th the second half with no offense
  • Virginia and Florida were both in tight games but Florida pulled away from ETSU in the second half
  • Virginia had their hands full with UNC Wilmington being down by as many as 15 points but worked their way back into by big plays from Shayok and Perrantes
  • Iowa State looked like they were going to run away with the game but Nevada had other plans and made a comeback to eventually lose
  • Purdue size again Vermont was too much with Swanigan getting another double-double on the year in what was a close game
  • Gonzaga was in a close game until about halftime and they came out like Villanova and turned it on and won easily
  • Northwestern survived their first game ever in the NCAA Tournament with Vandy player intentional fouling in the last seconds up 1 
  • Princeton had a chance for the upset against Notre Dame and ended up missing a pretty good looking 3-pointer down 1
  • Xavier had a back and forth game with Maryland until the last few minutes when Xavier started to pull away, Bluiett had a big second half and finished with 21 points in the game
  • FSU had some trouble early with FGCU eventually getting some distance, FSU was too big for FGCU
  • St. Mary's was dominated most of the game, but during a stretch let VCU back into behind the 30 point effort of Lewis but in the end St. Mary's pulled away again to win the game
  • Arizona started out slow but eventually would dominate North Dakota behind 20 points from both Markkanen and Alkins
  • Middle Tennesse on paper is an upset, but this was a lot of people's upset pick for the tournament and they didn't disappoint, possibility of an even longer run

Day 2 kicks off at 12:15 pm ET with Oklahoma State against Michigan


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