Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Who is the G.O.A.T - NBA Edition Part 5

Next up in the series is "Larry Legend" Larry Bird.

Current Ranks

Regular Season 

Games Played - 224th with 897
Minutes Played - 75th with 34443
Field Goals - 25th with 8591
3-Pt Field Goals - 197th  with 649
Total Rebounds - 52nd with 8974
Steals - 33rd with 1556
Assists - 40th with 5695
Points - 32nd with 21791


Games Played - 29th with 164
Minutes Played - 14th with 6886
Field Goals - 11th with 1458
3-Pt Field Goals - 97th with 80
Total Rebounds - 11th with 1683
Steal - 8th with 296
Assists - 6th with 1062
Points - 9th with 3897


6x NBA Finals Appearances
3x NBA Champion
2x NBA Finals MVP
12x NBA All-Star
1x NBA All-Star Game MVP
9x All-NBA First Team
1x All-NBA Second Team
3x NBA All-Defensive Second Team
2x 50-40-90 club 
1x AP Athlete of the Year 
1x National college player of the year
2x first-team All-American
1x Olympic Medalist

Larry Bird was a kid from Indiana who went to Indiana State University. Bird went to Indiana University before dropping out shortly after. He took the team to the National Championship game where he lost to Magic Johnson who would become a long time rival. Bird was selected sixth overall by the Celtics where he only had a career spanning 13 seasons. While with the Celtics, Bird teamed up with Kevin McHale and Robert Parish who became Hall of Famer's in their own right. In one stretch the Celtics made 5 straight finals appearances and won 2 of those. In total Bird finished with 6 NBA Finals appearances and 3 NBA Titles. The reason he only played 13 seasons were the back troubles that started to plague him later in his career. In 1985 Bird suffered a back injury that hampered him for many years and got worse until he finally retired in 1992. Bird and the Celtics accomplished many things before the injuries hit him. In only a 13 year career Bird seemed to always be in position to get to the NBA Finals. Birds stats aren't going to jump off the page because of the injuries, but for the amount of years he played he was a great all around player. Bird's best ranking stats are those in the playoffs were he ranks in the top 20 in many different categories. Larry Bird is considered by many to be the second greatest small forward in the history of the NBA, but longevity wasn't on his side. 

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