Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sports Recap - Friday, January 27

Serena Vs. Venus - Australian Open

How cool would it be to break a record against your sister? Both Williams sisters have been doing this for a long time and continuing to play at a high level. So it was memorable moment when Serena won 6-4, 6-4 against her sister Venus to break Open era record with 23rd Grand Slam title. Venus has 7 Grand Slam titles which puts Serena's in perspective of how dominate she has been.  At 35 years old, Serena has won 10 titles since turning 30. The fact is these are both hall of fame tennis players who wouldn't be here without pushing each other. Serena Williams will go down as the greatest tennis player of all time. The crazy thing is neither her or her sister are done just yet. Maybe we see the rematch again and Venus can pull the victory out.

Knicks and Clippers Looking for Third Team

The Clippers aren't interested in trading big pieces for Carmelo Anthony, but the Knicks aren't looking for that. The trade could go down potentially with some picks and very few players back to the Knicks. For both Carmelo and Knicks, this would be an excellent trade. From the Knicks perspective, they get rid of a huge contract and get rid someone not happy being there. The Knicks would also get to start rebuilding around Porzingis. They have some other contracts they should try and move to get under the cap for some free agents this summer. For Carmelo Anthony, this would be a better chance to win a championship. Carmelo is past his prime and isn't going to be a star or carry an offense, but he will score and help a team get better. Carmelo will have to tweak his game some if he goes to a team with that many stars. Anthony if the asking price is as low as it is right now could still potentially go to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The biggest roadblock for that would be the contract. Where will Anthony end up? How much will it cost a team?

Quick Hits

Jaguars hire Toronto Argonauts' Scott Milanovich
Pro Bowl sold out
Byron Leftwich named Cardinals QB coach
Dodgers sign former Mets 1B Ike Davis to minor league deal




Nets 116 - Cavaliers 124
Kings 111 - Pacers 115
Magic 98 - Celtics 128
Bucks 86 - Raptors 102
Hornets 107 - Knicks 110
Rockets 123 - 76ers 118
Heat 100 - Bulls 88
Spurs 103 - Pelicans 119
Wizards 112 - Hawks 86
Grizzlies 109 - Trail Blazers 112


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