Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bellator 170 - Ortiz VS. Sonnen

The main event fight is between two older guys that are past their prime. Both light heavyweights have fought at a high level in the UFC. The trash talking between these two has most fans wanting to see which one will get knocked out first. Chael Sonnen has sold many fights just because of the trash talking. Tito Ortiz used to be the king of trash talk and disrespectful actions in his glory days. Even though these guys are past their prime, This could be an interesting fight to watch.  The wrestling ability is about even  and the standup could be the key factor in who comes away with the win. The Paul Daley versus Brennan Ward fight could end as quickly as it starts. These two fighters have knockout out power in any weight class. Overall this has potential to be a solid night of fights.


Jalin Turner Vs. Gabriel Green - Green
Curtis Millender Vs. Johnny Cisneros - Millender
Tommy Aaron Vs. Mike Segura - Segura
Ian Butler Vs. Jacob Rosales - Rosales
Cody Bollinger Vs. Henry Corrales - Corrales
John Mercurio Vs. Guilherme Bomba - Bomba
Keith Berry Vs. Kevin Casey - Casey
Alex Soto Vs. Demarcus Brown - Brown
Jamar Ocampo Vs. Chinzo Machida - Ocampo
James Barnes Vs. Rob Gooch - Barnes
Dave Cryer Vs. Jack May - May
Daniel Rodriguez Vs. Christian Gonzalez - Gonzalez

Main Card

Derek Anderson Vs. Derek Campos - Anderson via 2nd rd KO
Emmanuel Sanchez Vs. Georgi Karakhanyan - Karakhanyan via 1st rd KO
Brennan Ward Vs. Paul Daley -Ward via 2nd rd sub
Hisaki Kato Vs. Ralek Gracie - Gracie via 1st rd sub

Main Event

Chael Sonnen Vs. Tito Ortiz - Ortiz via decision

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