Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Rise and Fall of a Legend

The legends of the sports world have a rapid rise to the top, but seem to also have a rapid descent to end a career. Ronda Rousey was at the peak of her career winning 4 fights in or at a minute before the last two fights. She wasn't fighting easy competition she was making the the competition look easy. Rousey was unstoppable and was considered the best pound for pound fighter in the world. No one has every dominated like she did during that stretch, but as she was becoming a star other opportunities were now available to her.  The opportunities that presented themselves included WWE, TV, Talk shows, and movies. The world was amazed by a bad ass woman who was dominating everybody. The voices got louder and louder with even talk about if she could beat a guy like Floyd Mayweather. Was it the celebrity status that hurt her career as a professional fighter? I thought so before and after the Holly Holm fight, but now that it's two in a row it doesn't fill like that was it. Did she lose desire to fight anymore? This question it seems we all know the answer, but if that is it why train so hard for a comeback. What about the the 3 million she made? The money for a few minutes of fighting can't be passed up. The truth is all that  probably has some truth to it, but maybe she is past the peak of her career. The reality is no one stays on top forever. One day, Lebron James will not be the best  basketball player in the world, but that doesn't change his status as a Legend. We look at Demetrius Johnson and think he is unbeatable, but the truth is someone will catch him especially in a fight where one punch can end it. Did we not learn from the fall of Anderson Silva that the sports world is cruel life? Right now, she looks like a defeated shell of her old self. The competitive spirit and fame is such a powerful thing that she thought suicide after the first loss. The reality is she needs to look at who she is, who looks up to her, her fans, and the legendary status that she will be remembered by eventually. The fact is the UFC wouldn't have the women's division if Ronda Rousey wasn't around. It's time to take advantage of the fame she created for herself and go enjoy all the opportunities she has. Legends will never be on top forever but remembering their greatness keeps them legendary. As we all soak in the 48 seconds of destruction last night, don't forget the legend of Ronda Rousey.

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