Thursday, December 15, 2016

NFL Power Rankings - Week 15

The power rankings for this week see a little bit of a shakeup. The MVP race looks a little bit different as well. With only three more weeks of the season left the divisions,first round byes, and MVP race is still wide open.

Power Rankings

  1. New England Patriots
  2. Dallas Cowboys
  3. Kansas City Chiefs
  4. Oakland Raiders
  5. Seattle Seahawks
  6. Detroit Lions
  7. New York Giants
  8. Atlanta Falcons
  9. Denver Broncos
  10. Pittsburgh Steelers
  11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  12. Miami Dolphins
  13. Washington Redskins
  14. Houston Texans
  15. Baltimore Ravens
  16. Green Bay Packers
  17. Minnesota Vikings
  18. Tennessee Titans
  19. Indianapolis Colts
  20. Carolina Panthers
  21. Buffalo Bills
  22. San Diego Chargers
  23. Cincinnati Bengals
  24. Arizona Cardinals
  25. Philadelphia Eagles
  26. New Orleans Saints
  27. New York Jets
  28. LA Rams
  29. Chicago Bears
  30. Jacksonville Jaguars
  31. San Francisco 49ers
  32. Cleveland Browns

The bottom four teams have stayed the same all year.  All four of them need some quaterback help to improve. As far as the top 5, the top 2 are the same in different order this week. The Chiefs and Lions have been impressive, and made case to be in the top 5.

MVP Race


  1. RB  Ezekiel Elliott - Dallas Cowboys 
  2. QB Matt Ryan - Atlanta Falcons
  3. QB Tom Brady - New England Patriots
  4. QB Derek Carr - Oakland Raiders
  5. QB Matthew Stafford - Detroit Lions

Based on the record and amount of games played, I have Ezekiel Elliot still leading in the MVP race. He is leading the league in rushing, while on the second best team in the NFL. I believe it is overall a really close race and still will be decided in the last few weeks. The 2-5 are all quarterbacks so team winning and numbers will determine who is the best out of those 4.

NFL Hot Seat

  1. Rex Ryan - Bills
  2. Chip Kelly - 49ers
  3. Gus Bradley - Jaguars
  4. Chuck Pagano - Colts
  5. Marvin Lewis - Bengals

The first 3 are cases of not very good NFL head coaches with many bad years. Chuck Pagano and Marvin Lewis are more of a case of what have you done for me lately?  Marvin Lewis has had mixed results throughout his Bengals coaching career, and they haven't made it to a Superbowl with him there. Even if the Bengals let him go, he will have another job opportunity out there.

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